Gifts for Mom

mom and baby One thing that I love about my kids, is that it seems that they are always thinking of me. For instance when my son is playing with his Lego’s or building a city, he always seems to say that it’s for me. He tells me that when he’s at school he’s going to draw a picture for me. So of course when I pick him up there he is waiting with a picture for me. My two year old who is not quite advanced as my 4 year old is the same way. He will bring me toy after toy, and grab my hand and put the toy in my hand. His way of giving a gift to mom. I love it, and boy am I going to miss it when I am no longer the center of their little world. Though I have only been a mom for a short while, I am sure mothers like to know that they are still thought of by their adult children. This Christmas be sure to get them something you know they will love. The gift of pampering and relaxation is always a plus. Give mom this Christmas “Hugs for mom”. This adorable wooden picket fence if filled with gifts that will make her feel special. It comes with a ceramic picture frame, and an inspirational book “Mothers are Forever”, as well as a candle, bath salts and body spray, and lemon cookies to help make her day. For those with kids, what would be a perfect touch to this lovely gift, is to take the kids hands and trace them and then cut them out and attach them with a foot long ribbon and let the kids decorate the hand. Then send them to grandma and say your sending her hugs from the kids. Mom is sure to melt over such a heart warming gift.
841052B Keeping with the spa theme, we also have “Mothers Are Forever Gift Box. “84132a mom Another treasure that mom is sure to love. Along with the book “Mothers are Forever” comes Sugar Pear Moisturizing Body Wash, and lotion, as well as a candle, loofa sponge, rose petal fizzies, all wrapped up a in white gloss box.
Perhaps your mom is not into spa gift baskets. That’s okay. We have gifts for the mom that likes to garden as well. 84042a clay pot In this adorable “Sunflowers For You” clay pot comes with honey and dessert tea, and vanilla cream filled wafer cookies, and some little gardening nick nacks. How cute is that! Or choose our “Basket of Bliss Gardener Lover”. It’s a ray of sunshine. Gardening_Gifts=Basket_of_Bliss=SKU_8412292 This basket is filled with all kinds of treats. Here are just a few of the things you will find in this gardening basket: Book of Bliss “Thoughts to Make you smile”
Ceramic lady bugs and flowers mug, 2 pkg garden seeds, Poured votive candle, Lemon Tea envelope, Green Tea envelope, and Almond Roca.
One thing I have come to love since I became a mom, is coffee. What do we have for the coffee lover? We have Starbucks gift baskets as well as other coffee and cocoa gift baskets. ng5232lg%20(1)SB2 Coffee always makes for a great gift for mom. La Bella Baskets also has gift towers for those that like the finer things in life, like chocolate. I love chocolate. Though as I try to watch my weight and would be highly offended by it, I would still gladly accept it. gift%2010%20S420 May-be you have a mom that enjoys the simple things in life. We have over a dozen scented soy candles, that comes with a candle in the lid of the jar as well. Berries___Cream_edwardian_script__1_LL2802_A La Bella Baskets has scents from “Berries and Cream” and “Carmel Pecan” to “Fresh linens”. Not sure which scent to choose for her. Then get her the “Candle of the Month Club”. Every month we will send her a scented candle.
This year send mom a gift you know she will love from I am available to help place any order and you are welcome to email me directly at, and I would be gladly be of service to you.


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